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Some general questions and answers can be found below. If you ever have questions before or after your order feel free to send us a email at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. Is your website secure and safe to use?
A. Short answer Yes. Long answer: we take care to continually monitor our site and fix any issues that may arise during regular business hours. As we manage our own servers and software, we are able to monitor our site for any abnormalities and react to get them fixed asap! We keep all software updated to ensure no security vulnerabilities are present as much as possible and all payment information is securely transmitted to our processor depending on the choice at checkout (See Stripe or Paypal’s website for more information). We DO NOT keep any payment information on our servers other then the responses and tokens from the payment processor, though this information is harmless if it was ever to get out. If you still feel insecure about the security of our site here is a few links to check for yourself.

Q. When and how long for you to process orders?
A. We process all orders around about 12am our time to ensure we get all orders to our vendors as fast as possible. Processing time once sent to our vendors can range from 1 business day up to 7 business days. After the item is shipped you will receive a notification with the tracking information. This information should never be stale for more than a week, if you find your package is not moving please contact us to look into the problem.

Q. Where are your items from?
A. Most of our items are sourced from multiple vendors both inside and outside the United States. We choose the best vendor for the products with the best reputation for delivery and having items as described as vetted by us.

Q. Are your vendors trustworthy ?
A. Yes, We sort through our vendors items and have a list of criteria that we follow. If at a time a vendor is not meeting our list of criteria we will remove all actives items from that vendor from our store until we find out what the issues are. If the vendor would like to terminate our partnership after a item is ordered and a replacement cannot be found we will refund the item value + any applicable taxes.

Q. My question isn’t answered here, what do i do?
A. Please email us at and ask us your questions. If it’s a more general inquiry we will add the question and answer to our FAQ in addition to returning your email as soon as possible.