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Hello and Welcome to our Second Post!

Starting today while switching out our featured items we decided that since everything in the featured items collection is always something you should check out, why not just make it on friday and with a discount.

Okay so stay with me for a minute here and i’ll explain everything. We thought that since Friday is the end of the week, and everyone needs to relax and unwind we would do the same. We decided that on Fridays we will take it easy and take our own look through our catalog and refill our featured items with new picks!

Now onto the discount speak and what do you have to do for it? Absolutely nothing other then add said items to your cart, make sure your cart value is $9.99 or greater, and your good to go! We decided to offer 15% off all items featured that week in the “Featured Items” collection to pass a little of the savings onto you the customer. Without you we wouldn’t be able to run this store and provide the cutest children’s apparel to you!