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Hello and WELCOME!

Wow it’s been a great week so far. We opened our store to the world and have been working to process the orders coming through. We have been dying from absolute cuteness overload on our end sorting through all these new products. But don’t worry, we’re still here and kicking!

So far we have added a ton of super cute infant clothing some toys which we are still working on ironing out for more than just infants. We also added a good amount of child essentials, including but not limited to washable cloth diapers, inserts, washable nursing pads, wet bags for both aforementioned items and all at a great affordable price.

We don’t plan to stop there, we plan to expand within the coming days and weeks to include children of ages over 2 years as well as more toys and general items all around. We also do plan to add some maternity items for expecting mothers.

In the near future when everything starts moving along smoothly on all ends and our store is stocked up, we do plan to try and sell handmade itemsĀ on consignment. To inquire about this please send a email with basic information about the items you wish to offer us as well as general pricing per item and pictures to