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It is really difficult to trust strangers but giving someone else the responsibility of taking care of your child can indeed be a tough task. Some parents can be really overprotective, and they have every right to be as well. That is why it is important to find someone who will not only look after your child in your absence but they will also love and take care of them like their own siblings or children. However, finding the perfect babysitter can be time-consuming and it may take some research and hard-work but when you find a good babysitter, never let them go!

Step to find a perfect babysitter

  • The very first task a parent/mother should do is to make a list of all the skills, talents, and the things you want in a babysitter as well as the money you’re willing to pay. For example, a babysitter should be available whenever you ask them to come, they should be able to handle your child in case of emergencies like an illness. The babysitter should also be able to take charge and make the children listen to them.
  • After writing all the requirements, post them on different college and professional babysitter’s sites online. A parent should also ask around, from their own friends, office colleagues, their brothers, and sisters, as well as the neighbors.
  • When you receive applications, find the best ones. Parents should not only look for those who fulfill the requirements but also for those who are willing to go out of their way to make your child happy and provide a loving environment. Ask for reference letters, education, and experience.
  • Call the shortlisted applicants for an interview preferable at home so they can meet the baby as well, but the interview on call or email would be acceptable as well. When the parent is interviewing the babysitter, ask a lot of questions, background, about their own family and their living styles. Also, take notice of who comes on time and who came late for their interview. One most important thing to do would be to give the babysitters different situation and scenarios and ask them to answer them. Also, notice the babysitter’s tone and way of talking.


  • When you’ve checked everything and are 70% satisfied with the one you chose, let them meet your child. Observe the way the babysitter meets the baby or interacts with the child. If there is anything that is making you uncomfortable, talk to the babysitter or just let her/him go.


  • If you’re still not satisfied and convinced that the babysitter can handle your child, observe the babysitter and the child’s interactions secretly. If your child is old enough to talk, when the babysitter is gone, ask the child about the babysitter and get their feedback on the babysitter and whether they’re nice and friendly and give the child food on time or is with them their entire shift and not on the phone.

There are certain things the parents should let the babysitters know beforehand as well, can the babysitter bring her friends while she is on her shift, if you have a problem with her using too much mobile, let her know. Also, make sure she has both the parents’ numbers in case of emergencies. Let her know if there are certain medicines or specific food that you want your child to take in your absence.

Make sure you pay her a little extra in the holiday season and don’t be too hard on the babysitter and maybe let her handle some situations her own way instead of interrupting her every now and then.