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Whether you are a single parent or not, if you have got kids (especially the really cute, little ones) there is going to be a lot and I do mean A LOT of mess in your house. Toys, clothes, utensils, books, colors, crayons… the crazy list goes on and on and on, and does not really seem to stop at any point. Kids are a lot of work and constantly require your attention. If you ask them to play outside, they’ll get dirty and bring in a lot of dirty hands and dirty shoes and most of the parents I have met are faced with the same problem.

So how should you clean up the house, keep it that way and also not stop the process of constant learning for your children? Might seem a little tricky or even hard at first because let’s face it, all kids are not the same and techniques don’t work on every single individual kid but here are a few ways through which you can keep your house nice and tidy.

Wake up before Your Kids in the Morning

This might seem hectic at first especially if your kids tire you too much but when you start this as a routine it will not only save you a lot of time that you cause for yourself but also help efficiently keep the house clean. Waking up early gives you time to mentally wake up a little, get dressed, have your morning coffee and clean up the mess before your children wake up and require your attention. In that way, you can have time for proper breakfast with your family and not fuss over the thought of still having a lot of cleaning to do.

Make a Set Routine

Train your kids according to a certain routine so they get used to the pattern and learn to manage their own time as well. The kids can enjoy their play time in whatever time has been set and decided after that engages them with chores and make it fun. Do the dishes together, clean together and try to make it fun so kids know how to be responsible, so they know that after play time and after all the mess they have made, the rest one or half hour is set for cleaning. This will not only decrease your workload but also make your children a little more responsible.

Clean before starting something else

Children keep switching between toys and it just keeps adding on to the mess. Try to teach your children to put away their first toy before taking a different one out. For example, putting the blocks away before playing with the stuffed animal next is a good habit and it makes less of a mess that way. It helps keep the area clean and your children get used to taking care of their toys at hand.

Engage the kids

While the kids are young, every day for half an hour engage them in chores they can easily handle and try to make them fun, they are young and if they think doing chores is fun as long as they can, let them. This will not only save your time but help them be responsible adults of tomorrow.

Go easy

I think the most important advice here is to go easy on yourself and the kids. Someday your kid will behave properly and someday they will be a little fussier. Breathe, take in some fresh air and relax. If you keep freaking out at every small detail it will not only have a bad effect on your kids but also won’t do you any good.