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Pricing and Availability

General Pricing

All prices shown are in U.S. All payments are processed in USD via our payment processor. Store pricing may vary.

Automatic Pricing / Pricing Errors

Our system uses a automated pricing update system. When this is triggered daily all affected pricing will update to it’s new and respective pricing. If “Pricing Errors” happen to arise we reserve the right to cancel and refund back any orders that were placed while¬†bad pricing was in effect.


All item quantities are updated while pricing updates are happening. If an item quantity drops to 0 based on our vendors update then the item quantity should be affected in our stores general availability as well.

If at a time a order is placed prior to a vendor update we will do our best to work with the vendor to find a solution to fulfill you order. If this is not possible all costs related to the item in question will be refunded and a email sent to the customer within 3-5 business days.