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Plush Pacimals Pacifier

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Expecting a baby? Pacifers are one of the most important items to buy when getting
prepared for your new baby. Not only do they help an unsettled baby calm down and fall
asleep, they also prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) by satisfying the suck

Our Plush Pacimals Pacifier is a ‘huggable’ alternative, reinventing the traditional
pacifier. The Pacimals Pacifier was first invented by a doctor and a first-time mom who
saw the frustration of her newborn baby not being able to hold a pacifier. The pacifier is
sewn on top of the Plush Animal’s head and is easy for the baby to locate and use, all
whilst easily keeping hold of it. Not only that, your bub can cuddle the stuffed animal
and relax as he/she suckles!

Try out the Plush Pacimals Pacifier for yourself, and see what a relief it is to both you
and your baby! It would also make an excellent gift idea for baby showers. This product
is durable and machine washable; be sure to follow the instructions before cleaning.

  • Prevents SIDS and calms unsettled babies
  • Safe, soft, and convenient
  • Comes in variety of different animal types

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